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Buying and living in Aquitaine part of Nouvelle Aquitaine

From sleepy Dordogne villages to the bright lights of Bordeaux, via the world’s greatest vineyards ... Welcome to Aquitaine


Bordeaux, is the world capital of wine, and you will find glorious chateaux and country houses keeping watch over the surrounding vineyards. Globally renowned for its beauty, property in Aquitaine is seen as an excellent investment.

Vineyards dominate the landscape in Gironde but don’t be fooled. There are five departments in Aquitaine, each with a diverse landscape and a mixture of property styles. The Pyrénées Atlantiques run down to the Spanish border and are heavily influenced by Basque culture, whilst in the north of the region, the Dordogne is a rural department, long popular with UK buyers looking for "a place in the sun".

Transport and Access

The main international airport is in Bordeaux, with regular flights to North America, Africa, Asia and throughout Europe. You will find other regional airports in Bergerac, Biarritz, Tarbes and Pau.

The high-speed rail link between Bordeaux and Paris takes just over 2 hours, meaning the area is popular with Parisians seeking a second home. Eurostar is planning a special “wine train” with a direct service between Bordeaux and London, with an opening as soon as 2026 being discussed. Travel time would be around 5 hours.

Many visitors prefer driving to Aquitaine, as it is easy to access from all directions. The A10 motorway runs directly to Paris, the A62 runs west to east (giving access to Toulouse, Barcelona and the Riviera), and the A63 runs straight down to the Spanish border.

Aquitaine access map
The market

For an in-depth analysis, read our latest Nouvelle Aquitaine market comment (below), which includes average prices in all the major towns and cities.

Last year, prices rose in all five departments, with the biggest increase in the Pyrenéés-Atlantiques (8.1%). The strongest demand is for country property, with plenty of space and fresh air. French buyers have dominated the market, often snapping up properties before overseas buyers have had a chance to view. However, this is now changing, with increasing sales to clients from the UK, Belgium and Netherlands in particular. High-end properties are also selling well, with US buyers cashing in on the strong dollar.

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Sampling the finest wines, while exploring historic vineyards, chateaux and rural market towns. Aquitaine has some of the most beautiful countryside in France, and the river valleys (particularly the Dordogne) are popular second-home areas. Wander round the market in Sarlat, Bergerac or Monpazier and you will find a fusion of languages being spoken.

If you prefer the seaside then you will be swept off your feet by the view over Arcachon Bay , from atop the Dune du Pilat, and by the quality of the swimming and surfing available in Aquitaine.

cafe_bar market ocean garden surf_beach Vineyards
Aquitaine region map Vineyards
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    • Warm winters and cool summers make this the ideal climate
    • This is a truly global destination, making property an attractive investment
    • The quality of life in Aquitaine is second to none, particularly the food and wine
    • The area is popular with overseas buyers, English is widely spoken
    Plans are in place for a direct London-Bordeaux Eurostar service, door-to-door in around 5 hours

    Over 1301 properties and 109 multilingual local agents
    in Aquitaine

    Search (1301)
    Aquitaine city map

    Departments and Major Cities

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    • € / m² € per m² FNAIM source - non contractual
    Gironde (33)
    icon plane
    icon beach

    Bordeaux - Arcachon - Langon - Lesparre-Médoc - Libourne - Blaye - Arcachon

    €3415 per m2
    View Gironde properties for sale

    Dordogne (24)
    icon plane

    Périgueux - Bergerac - Nontron - Sarlat-la-Canéda

    €1699 per m2
    View Dordogne properties for sale

    Landes (40)
    icon beach

    Mont-de-Marsan - Dax

    €2829 per m2
    View Landes properties for sale

    Lot-et-Garonne (47)
    icon plane

    Agen - Marmande - Nérac - Villeneuve-sur-Lot

    €1634 per m2
    View Lot-et-Garonne properties for sale

    Pyrénées-Atlantiques (64)
    icon plane
    icon beach icon ski

    Pau - Bayonne - Oloron-Sainte-Marie

    €2818 per m2
    View Pyrénées-Atlantiques properties for sale

    Some typical properties

    Focus on some typical types of properties of the Region

    Local knowledge of Leggett
    you can trust in Nouvelle Aquitaine

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    109 independent agents in local teams

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    Aquitaine :

    The five departments in Aquitaine have a diverse range of property styles, each with its own individual appeal. From rural stone-built farmhouses to grand chateaux, the region is rich with architectural treasures to explore.
    Stone-built farmhouses are possibly the most popular with international buyers. Constructed from local materials like limestone, these houses feature thick walls, small windows, and tiled roofs. Often surrounded by gardens and orchards, these character laden homes offer a serene and peaceful French lifestyle.
    Aquitaine is also home to some of the best Maison de Maitres and chateaux in France. Originally built for the nobility and located in large vineyards or estates, these impressive structures have grand entrances, sweeping staircases, and intricate decorations, serving as a testament to the region's rich history and cultural heritage.
    Modern homes in Aquitaine are also usually designed to blend in with their natural surroundings. Many feature large windows to take advantage of the countryside views, and open-plan living spaces that create a feeling of light and spaciousness. This style of VEFA (new build) homes in Aquitaine are particularly popular with buyers since the Covid-19 pandemic.
    Regardless of your taste, you're sure to find a property in Aquitaine that suits your architectural preferences and budget.

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