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Buying and living in Poitou-Charentes part of Nouvelle Aquitaine

Looking for great value property in the second sunniest part of France? From sandy beaches to rolling vineyards you will fall in love with the Poitou Charentes. Welcome to Poitou-Charentes


Beautiful properties, where the local stone glows creamy gold in the setting sun. Take your aperitif overlooking fields of sunflowers or watching the viticulteurs tend their vines.

Buy a property in Poitou Charentes and you will get the best of two worlds. On the coast you will find some of the safest, family-friendly, beaches in France. You will also be able to explore the famous oyster beds around the Ile d’Oléron and Ile de Ré or go and shop for pearls in the designer boutiques that can be found in La Rochelle. Drive inland and you will soon be in the middle of the vines that are used to make the finest Cognac. Courvoisier, Martell, Remy Martin, Hennessy - the names roll off the tongue as smoothly as the liquor itself. Futuroscope is a theme park, renowned for its use of cinematographic and audio-visual techniques – it attracts around 2m visitors a year and is easy to access, on the outskirts of Poitiers.

Transport and Access

The two main airports are La Rochelle and Poitiers. The former has regular domestic flights, as well as direct flights to the UK, *Ireland, Belgium, Portugal and Switzerland. From Poitiers you can fly direct to London, Edinburgh, Lyon and Barcelona..

The region is also served by the TGV network, with major stations in Poitiers, La Rochelle and Angouleme. Links to the Eurostar are easy and this is a popular way for clients from the UK to visit their holiday homes in Poitou Charentes.

Similarly, the region is comfortably accessed by car from the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland, making it a popular holiday home destination. The A10 runs north-south through Poitou Charentes, with the RN141 and A83 travelling east-west.

The market

For an in-depth analysis, read our latest Nouvelle Aquitaine market comment (below), which includes average prices in all the major towns and cities.

This is a popular region for holiday homes as property prices are so reasonable. Prices in all four departments have risen in recent years. In 2022 the rises were Charente (6.3%), Charente Maritime (5%), Deux-Sevres (6.3%) and Vienne (6.3%). Demand remains strong, particularly for rural property, and there is a distinct lack of new properties coming on to the market. Old stone properties are particularly popular with international buyers, although with the increasing cost of building materials and artisan labour many buyers are seeking property they can walk straight into, rather than the traditional “renovation projects”.

Poitou Charentes is also renowned for its country estates and Maison des Maîtres (imposing houses, traditionally overlooking the master’s estate). These have been in strong demand recently, particularly attracting buyers from Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, and other major cities. They are seen as excellent value for money, and offer large, light, volumes with plenty of outside space.

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The guided tours and tastings offered by the historic Cognac houses. Discover the secrets of double distillation, hear from the master blenders about why their noses are insured for millions of euros, and wander through the cellars. If you are lucky your guide will dip a tube into the barrels and let you sip an XO cognac as it matures. You will pay a small fortune for an XO in the upmarket restaurants of La Rochelle, but it’s worth it. The views out over the old port are sensational and you can always take a walk through the old town and admire the bespoke designer boutiques afterwards.

If it is romance you are after then head for La Venise Verte (the green Venice) in the Marais Poitevin. You can hire a traditional barque and explore the myriad of canals that wend their way through this extraordinarily pretty marshland. Another romantic spot is Talmont sur Gironde, one of the Plus beaux villages de France. It sits on a small promontory, south of the beautiful sandy beaches of Meschers, Saint Georges de Didonne and Royan. Talmont has a population of under 100 people, but it is home to many small shops, opened by expert artisans, that adorn the small pedestrian streets of this Bastide village.

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    • This is the second sunniest part of France, the gulf stream protects it from climate extremes.
    • Property prices are amongst the most attractive in France.
    • This is a popular destination for both domestic and international buyers.
    • Access from the UK and northern Europe is easy.
    • The pace of life is slow – this is the ideal place to shrug off the pressures of modern life.

    Over 1012 properties and 96 multilingual local agents
    in Poitou-Charentes

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    Poitou-Charentes city map

    Departments and Major Cities

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    • € / m² € per m² FNAIM source - non contractual
    Vienne (86)
    icon plane icon train

    Poitiers - Châtellerault - Montmorillon

    €1486 per m2
    View Vienne properties for sale

    Charente (16)
    icon plane

    Angoulême - Confolens - COGNAC

    €1442 per m2
    View Charente properties for sale

    Charente-Maritime (17)
    icon plane
    icon beach

    La rochelle - Jonzac - Rochefort - Saintes - Saint-Jean-d'Angély - Aéroport de Rochefort - Aéroport de La Rochelle-Île de Ré

    €2735 per m2
    View Charente-Maritime properties for sale

    Deux-Sèvres (79)

    Niort - Bressuire - Parthenay

    €1336 per m2
    View Deux-Sèvres properties for sale

    Some typical properties

    Focus on some typical types of properties of the Region

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    Poitou-Charentes :

    The four departments in Poitou Charentes have a diverse range of property styles, each with its own individual appeal. It has a rich architectural heritage and many of the old, stone, properties have been sympathetically renovated. These traditional houses feature thick stone walls (more than useful for insulation and to protect against rising energy costs) and exposed wooden beams, both of which reflect the use of local materials. Deux Sevres and Vienne, in the north of Poitou Charentes, have a particularly fine choice of old, stone country property and farmhouses. The use of local materials adds to the unique character and charm of both of these beautiful departments.

    One of the most distinctive architectural styles in Poitou Charentes is Romanesque, characterised by rounded arches, barrel vaults and decorative stone carvings. Two good examples are the Cathedral in Poitiers and the Abbey in Saintes. You will also find a large number of Renaissance chateaux, with their beautiful symmetry and ornate decoration.

    Materials local to Poitou Charentes include limestone, sandstone, and granite. Look out for towns with “les carrieres” in their name. These ae the quarries used to source the stone. One of the most famous is St Meme les Carrieres in Charente, where the mayor will tell you that the base to the Statue of Liberty sits on local stone. This may well be an urban myth but is has certainly been used in many of the most prestigious churches, abbeys, and cathedrals in France.

    New build (VEFA) properties are incredibly popular in La Rochelle and on the coast, they offer modern, light, energy efficient accommodation. If you are looking for a holiday home that you can let out for seasonal rentals, then these can offer an excellent return on investment. The same goes for property on the Ile de Ré and Ile d’Oleron – both of which are incredibly popular holiday destinations for Parisians. Property on the islands can be an excellent investment, as well as a joy to visit.

    If you are seeking a French property with character and history then Poitou Charentes is your ideal destination.

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