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The indispensable guide to Australians buying in France


We recommend that all Australians living in France, or looking to move to France visit the official Australian Embassy in France site. It will give up to date information on travel, visa requirements and other essential information. You will find the link here Australian Embassy in. If you wish to settle in France, please visit the website of the French Embassy in Australia for further information.


A Schengen Visa allows you to move freely throughout the 26 countries in the Schengen area for stays of up to 90 days, on family visits or tourism.

Ensure you have all your essential paperwork (birth certificates, marriage certificate) professionally translated and authenticated before arriving in France.

A long stay visa is required for stays of 90 days or more, you are also required to register with the Office Français d’Immigration et d’Intégration (OFII) for a Resident's Permit.


All Australian nationals who are domiciled in France, are taxed on their worldwide income.

A double taxation treaty has been signed with France to ensure you are not taxed twice.

We recommend that you contact the Australian Tax Office to confirm tax regulations and rates at the time of your move


Around 1% of all Leggett overseas buyers are Australian.

Long standing favourites of Australian buyers are Paris, PACA and the Alps. However, in the last six months Leggett has also sold to Australian buyers in: Aquitaine, Limousin, Languedoc Roussillon, Poitou Charentes, Midi Pyrenees, Brittany and Nord Pas de Calais.



Lorraine and Stewart RICHMOND

As Australian nationals and having lived in Australia since the early eighties, Lorraine and Stewart Richmond decided it was now time for a change – permanent? - Well, for the foreseeable future! "Australia is a young country" says Lorraine, "and we missed the aged things such as old buildings, history and old churches. We also wanted a bit of room around us, so England was out of the question, too many people". So they took their search to the internet and discovered that all the properties that they liked were in France and were readily affordable. "We like the way of life here in France" Stewart tells us, "it's slower paced, the countrywide is beautiful and of course, great food and wine! Our property search was fun and we enjoyed looking at houses, but the actual buying process took slightly longer than we imagined (3 months)."

Lorraine & Stewart's tips :

1. Come and take time to look for a place, and maybe look at that area over several seasons. A place we loved the look of on the internet back in Australia - was not so nice in the flesh!
2. Be mindful of what services you are going to need, schools, hospital etc
3. Make sure you understand about residency rules too.
4. Also it is important to try to learn French, even just a little, the French are lovely people and extremely forgiving if you try to connect with them. "Here we are!" says Lorraine, "sitting outside in the warm stillness of the evening, glass of wine in hand, watching the space station go overhead … it really doesn't get any better!”

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