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Leggett immobilier is a family firm with a reputation for professionalism and friendly service. We have been selling houses in France for two decades now and are long standing members of the FNAIM.

Our team in the Auvergne are all bilingual and we know the area and local property market intimately. We cover all four departments and have a growing portfolio of property for sale.

We also have a central support team to ensure that your house search passes smoothly and successfully. This team is headed by our President, Trevor Leggett - one of the most experienced and respected property experts in France. It includes lawyers, accountants, marketing experts and a call centre team who will arrange a viewing schedule to make the most of your visit.

Pierre  Derveau
Pierre Derveau

The Four Departments in Auvergne.

The Auvergne is one of the least populated regions in Europe and is made up of four departments:

Named after the picturesque river Allier the department is famous for hosting the town of Vichy which was home to the Government of Philippe Pétain during the second world war. In more recent times Vichy has a more positive reputation and is famous for its water which is exported around the world.

No less than six rivers run through the department (including the Loire and the Cher) so lovers of waterside property have plenty of options. The principal cities are Montlucon, Vichy and Moulins and Allier is the most productive agricultural area in the Auvergne.

Puy de Dome
This department is named after the famous (but thankfully dormant) volcano and boasts eighty volcanic craters that attract tourists from around the world. The main city of Clermont Ferrand is the capital of the Auvergne region and one of the oldest cities in France. It is home to Michelin and many other international companies and is the driving force of the Auvergne economy. The volcano's and general attractive countryside of Puy de Dome lends itself to tourism and a recent survey showed that over 10% of the houses in the department are holiday homes.

Cantal is named after the mountain range that dominates the landscape. The extinct volcanic peaks give a dramatic effect and the department in sparsely populated and geographically isolated - perfect for those wanting to leave the hustle & bustle of urban living behind. Cantal varies in altitude from 250m in the villages along the valley of the river Lot to 1855m at the peak of the mountains - this difference in altitude also gives quite dramatic differences in rainfall and temperature so it's always best to seek local guidance when looking at property.

Haute Loire
The Haute Loire covers the upper reaches of the famous river Loire. The department hosts some the Parc Naturel Régional Livradois-Forez which is a protected area of woodland and farmland covering 297,000 hectares in total. The Prefecture of the Haute Loire is in Le Puy en Velay which is famous for its stunning 12th century cathedral.

Are prices here the best value for money in France?

The Auvergne can boast some of the lowest and best value property in France. The department of Allier has an average sale price of just 1,050 euros per m2, which reduces to 600 euros per m2 in the rural north-west of the department. Puy de Dome hosts the regional capital, Clermont-Ferrand and so has a higher average price of 1,730 euros per m2, which doubles in prime locations within Clermont itself. The department of Cantal has similar price levels to Allier, as does Haute Loire, although prices rise as you get closer to the industrial city of St Etienne.

Mountain biking trails to sailing and climbing

The Auvergne is the ideal destination for those looking to pursue outdoor activities. We should probably begin this review in the Puy de Dome at the Vulcania theme park. The park explores volcanoes and the creation of the planet in a fun and educational way. Part amusement park, part museum, part cinema this park has something for everyone and will be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Once you have finished in the park (allow a day at least) why not take to the surrounding hills and mountains for walking and biking and explore the volcanic terrain at first hand.

Going from high to low how about exploring the river valley on the "Train Touristique des Gorges de l'Allier". This train ventures where no roads dare to go and winds its way along the twists and turns of the river Allier.

If visiting cathedrals and churches is of interest then you will have plenty to choose from in Auvergne. The Chapelle St. Michel d'Aiguilhe in Le Puy en Velay is the number one destination on Tripadvisor and is a tiny cthedral sat on the top of a tall but thin lava plume. The stairs to the top of the cathedral are steep and narrow but it's worth the exertion and the view is exquisite. How about also visiting the stunning Romanesque abbey Saint-Austremoine in Issoire or the Basilique Saint Julien de Brioude in Brioude.

There is a super theme park and zoo in Dompierre sur Besbre where elephants and lions can watch you ride the rollercoasters and look on enviously while you eat lunch! Le Pal sits on 35 hectares and boasts over 500 animals from 5 continents.

There are fifteen different golf courses in Auvergne to choose from. These include the 18 hole course near Vichy which was designed by Arnaud Massy and is one of the oldest in France, the Haute Auvergne course near Aurillac which has plenty of water and views over the nearby volcanoes, the golf du Chambon sur Lignon in Haute Loire and finally the executive course at Riom which also boasts a 50 bay driving range.

There are, of course, plenty of lakes and rivers for those who like messing around on water. The Auvergne nautic club offers canoes, wind surfing, catamarans and much more and is one of many such clubs in the region.

Locally grown products to make your mouth water.

Although cheese isn't "grown" we couldn't start this section with anything else. Cheese lovers will delight in the variety and taste on offer in the Auvergne. How about the 2,000 year old Cantal which was "the most appreciated in ancient Rome", or the world famous blue veined Bleu D'Auvergne or even the Saint Nectaire which has a smooth and consistent texture that makes it so popular in salads as well as at the end of a meal.

Les Lentilles du Puy have been cultivated for over 2000 years in the region of Le Puy en Velay. These "green lentils" are still produced using no chemical fertilizers and are often used in local cooking. Another local favourite is the classic potée auvergnate which is a typical country dish containing locally reared bacon, sausage and pork combined with cabbages, potatoes and white beans.

Auvergne is also famous for its cured hams. Auvergne ham is usually seasoned with dry salt and dried over a long period (always at altitude). The "saucisson sec" and "saucisse sèche" also gain their unique flavour after extensive drying and curing. Made with veal and mutton, "tripoux" are often dished up with a local broth of jelly and seasoning. "Tripoux farcis" are distinguished from "tripoux roulés" by their winter busting stuffing of ham and smoked bacon.

Wine lovers will be well advised to taste Saint Pourçain and also the Côtes d’Auvergne, with their five 5 varieties: Châteaugay, Chanturgue, Pinot, Boudes and Madargue.

Local liquors and aperitifs are produced from the abundance of wild plants and herbs you find in the Auvergne such as the gentian, a large yellow flower growing up in the high pastures.

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Buying a house in Auvergne could prove the most rewarding and enjoyable investment you ever make – but a different language, laws and buying process can be quite daunting. We have been helping clients through this process for two decades now and have an unrivalled reputation for friendliness and quality of service. All of our agents are bilingual and live in one of the four beautiful departments within the region. They will help you find the most suitable property and will even help sort out your broadband and all utilities. On top of this our central sales support team will guide you through all the documentation and legal process.

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