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Normandy Properties of the Week

  • €375,000

    latest addition in Barneville Carteret Manche


  • €230,050

    latest addition in Saint Ebremond de Bonfosse Manche


  • €630,700

    latest addition in Sortosville Manche


  • €1,312,500

    latest addition in  Calvados


  • €524,100

    latest addition in  Calvados


  • €583,000

    latest addition in  Calvados


  • €66,000

    latest addition in Breel Orne


  • €299,900

    latest addition in Ste Honorine la Chardonne Orne


  • €141,000

    latest addition in Chaulieu Manche


  • €56,000

    latest addition in La Perriere Orne


  • €125,000

    latest addition in Noce Orne


  • €145,000

    latest addition in St Agnan sur Sarthe Orne


  • €141,700

    latest addition in Ranes Orne


  • €249,000

    latest addition in nr Tinchebray Orne


  • €141,700

    latest addition in Beauchene Orne


  • €99,000

    latest addition in Gathemo Manche


  • €199,000

    latest addition in St Evroult Notre Dame du Bois Orne


  • €399,000

    latest addition in Courgeon Orne


  • €33,000

    latest addition in Gace Orne


  • €99,000

    latest addition in  Orne


  • €413,400

    latest addition in Dives-sur-Mer Calvados


  • €109,000

    latest addition in St-Pierre-sur-Dives Calvados


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Emma Nicholson
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Latest Articles from our dedicated Normandy blog

NORMANDIE – with its fine beaches, idyllic countryside and historic heritage …

by Jane Berry on Sat 10 Oct 15


Formerly the ‘Dukedom’ of Normandy, it is currently divided into two regions: Haute Normandie (Upper Normandy) in the East and Basse Normandie (Lower Normandy) to the West. Soon to be reunited, but still today separate regions of France.

Normandy is one of the greatest historic regions of France and the story of Harold and his cousin William the Conqueror is magnificently told in the historic Bayeux Tapestry dating back to the 11th century, which can be visited in Bayeux, a few miles to the west of Caen.

Le Havre, Caen and Rouen are the three main cities in this region. There are four smaller cities – or large towns, these being Evreux, in the Eure,  Cherbourg and Dieppe, a minor seaport, and Alençon, capital of the Orne.

Outside the towns and cities, Normandy is a prosperous agricultural area, specialising in dairy products, fruit (notably apples) and mixed farming. The most famous regional products are the cheese Camembert, and two drinks, Cider and the spirit distilled from it, Calvados. Normandy is also famous for its racehorses, and the region has many top breeding stables.

Leggett have a wonderful selection of properties for sale in Normandie, take a look and see …



SUISSE NORMANDE – Swiss Normandy, hilly part of Calvados …

by Jane Berry on Sun 09 Aug 15


Even the French are sometimes amazed by its unexpected beauty and the variety of outdoor activities on offer in this part of Calvados. Craggy ravines on the banks of the river Orne are perfect for climbing, abseiling and paragliding enthusiasts. Enjoy trekking on horseback, Kayak or polo-kayak along a stretch of unspoilt river, hiking and picturesque villages straddling the river Orne.

All this in under one hour from the ferry!

Corey Koch.

No need to live beside the sea – find a beach near you!

by Emma on Sat 06 Jun 15

No need to live beside the sea









France is renowned for it’s wonderful bathing lakes which are found throughout the countryside and are a welcome relief from hot weather whilst being close to home.  Throughout Normandy there are gems to be found – at La Ferte-Mace in Orne (see picture) and also Pays de la Loire – at Sille le Guillaume in Sarthe and just south of Jublains in Mayenne.

The beaches are open to the public all year round and often feature sandy beaches, childrens’s play areas, bars, restaurant/snacks, lifeguard, pedalos and sailing and general bas de loisirs often with bike and go cart hire or just to take a stroll.  They are lovely spaces which we often go to for the evening after school as well as throughout the summer and well into Autumn.

A selection of properties by the Lakes

By Kate Rose

Le Mans is here! Why not buy a French Property

by Emma on Fri 05 Jun 15

le Mans

Le Mans time of year again!

Enjoy your drive to and from the race?

So why not look to buy a property in Normandy – so next year you can extend your trip.

At Leggett-Normandy we have a wide selection of properties from Renovations to Chateaux


By Emma Nicholson

Get ready, the mushroom season is upon us!

by Stephen on Mon 08 Oct 12

For the next two months or longer, the ground beneath our feet will be active as fungus digests the dead leaves and plant material and in the process enriches the soil and feeds the tree roots. Mushrooms (mycologists rarely use the word ‘toadstool’) are the visible fruit of fungi which pop up above the surface in order to spread their spores and recreate.

In Normandy and Pays de la Loire we are particularly lucky having a perfect climate coupled with extensive woodland, forest and ‘unimproved’ pasture land which is ideal for a wide range of fungi species of all colours, sizes and shapes. Because we often have large gardens with different types of trees surrounding our houses, this is an opportunity to venture out and pick your breakfast. Many of your garden mushrooms are good edible species but be warned: some are downright deadly and the majority not worth eating or likely to cause stomach upsets. If in doubt, don’t eat it!

Pharmacists in France often have mycology (the study of fungi) as part of their training and so if you don’t know what you have picked, take it to your local pharmacy for identification. Even better, take it to one of the mycological events around the region. My particular favourite is the annual ‘JOURNEES MYCOLOGIQUES’ organised by the Tourist Office in La Ferté Macé. This takes place on the third weekend in October, which in 2012 will be 20th to the 22nd October. This will be its 38th year. Link:

There will be a large exhibition of local fungi displayed in the salle Guy Rossolini, Place de la République in the centre of town. You can take your own fungi in for identification or just browse the hundreds of specimens on show. At the same time there will be other stands including an exhibition of local apple varieties. If you though mushrooms were hard to identify the experts here can spot an apple variety at 20 paces! Very few houses in the region are without one or more varieties of apple tree so why not take a few of your own in and find out what they are and how to make use of them?

During the weekend free fungus forays are organised: a convoy of up to 50 vehicles (just turn up in your car at the specified time and place) and drive a couple of miles into the Forest of Andaines. Forayers spend a couple of hours picking anything interesting and then experts will identify your find. Make sure to take a basket or box, plastic bags are really frowned upon. Cêpes (Porcini) abound and this is a great way to learn how to identify the edible … and not to edible!

Another area internationally famous for its fungi is the forest of Bellême in the Perche area of Orne. This year it will hold Mycology International 2012 on 30th September to 3rd October. Described as:

One of the largest mushrooms picking celebrations in France invites you to the picturesque forest-filled region of Bellême in Normandy for four day of fungus hunting. Held since 1953, this long established traditional event gathers both amateurs and professionals from all over the region for over four days of active mushroom searching. After receiving an introductory training, the public will form its own teams and explore the beautiful forests and hills surrounding the historical town of Bellême. At the end, as a reward, attendees of the Mycology International can indulge in some of the most special mushroom dishes that the region’s chefs have to offer


The beautiful Etang de la Herse in the forêt de Bellême.






All around the region this Autumn lake in the forest we forayers will be popping up from behind bushes, in ditches and from behind trees. The hunting season will also be in full swing … please don’t shoot us!


Definitely not for eating, this is Amanita phalloides … The Death cap!







Not for eating, this is the Amanita muscaria or Fly Agaric.








This is the stinkhorn (Phallus impudicus) for obvious reasons … it stinks!







By David Monks

25th Normandy Horse Show in St Lo.

by Emma on Sat 04 Aug 12

 What better reasons then to come and enjoy this year’s 25th edition of the NHS (not to be confused with the National Health Service) I mean the Normandy Horse Show in St Lo. Held 04 -12 Aug 2012.

The highlights of the Normandie Horse Show are show jumping competitions, Parades, driving and showing classes as well as the horse ball nations cup.

In addition there will be shows and demonstrations, showcasing how popular these sports have become – including representatives from around the equine world.

Great family day out just to take in the atmosphere, and scenery in Normandy or to learn a new sport or just to meet like minded people.

By : Emma Nicholson

Happy Christmas

by Stephen on Sun 25 Dec 11

Normandy in the snow

Here’s what our beautiful region can look like on Christmas Day, this was taken near my home last year.

Thanks to you all for reading our blog, we’ll continue to do our best to bring you the latest news & bargains from the area. Wishing you all a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.

Greetings from Stephen Buss

French cinema

by Stephen on Wed 07 Dec 11

Whether  you live in France all year round or you have a holiday home in France– don’t miss out on French cinema. French films are a refreshing change from the Hollywood blockbusters and are my first choice every day.

Out at the moment is  « Intouchables » with François Cluzet, Omar Sy, Anne Le Ny – based on a true story this film is guaranteed to have you laughing out loud and also bring a tear to your eye – best film I’ve seen in a long time.

Other good French films out this year are :

La Guerre des boutons






By Effie Iorsch

Ikea arrives in Lower Normandy – Caen

by Emma on Sun 27 Nov 11

With France running third in the list of countries which have Ikea’s, behind Germany and America, it was only a matter of time before Lower Normandy got an Ikea store, of its’ own. After all, Brittany and Higher Normandy both have them.

So for all of us with Property in Normandy, or those looking to buy you have another place to go to furnish it.

With two Sunday openings in the run up to Christmas and late night shopping on Fridays, there is plenty of time to shop. And remember your Ikea family card, for your free coffee and other offers, Monday – Friday.

Ikea – Caen Opening times.
Mon – Thu 1000 – 2000
Fri 1000 – 2200
Sat 1000 – 2000

Special Sunday Openings
Sun 11 & 18 Dec 1000 – 1900

By : Emma Nicholson

Where we are

The region where we're lucky enough to live and work, in North West France, has plenty of landmark features to put it on the map. Bayeux, with its famous tapestry, the D-Day landing beaches & Mont St Michel. There are great opportunities for walking and cycling here, also horse-riding, kayaking, wind-surfing, even bungy-jumping - the list goes on. Plus there are excellent rail links to connect you with the rest of France - Bayeux to Paris takes a mere two hours


Camembert and Pont L'Eveque are two celebrity cheeses from here - we're also well known for our cider, pommeau and Calvados apple brandy. Apples are widely used in cooking: for example, moules à la normande are mussels cooked with apples and cream and localities all over the province have their own variation of apple tart. It's the birthplace of brioches and also turns out craquelins, fouaces & fallues. Confectionery includes Isigny caramels, Bayeux mint chews, Falaise berlingots, Le Havre marzipans & Argentan croquettes.


The area between Le Havre and Ouistreham (the port of Caen with a regular UK ferry service) is known as the 'Côte Fleurie' and is reached from Le Havre via the magnificent Normandy Bridge, the second longest cable-stay bridge in the world. We have the Côte de Nacre, (site of the D-Day landings), the rugged and picturesque Cap de la Hague, the popular resorts of Barneville Carteret and Granville – each with ferry links to the Channel Islands & of course the iconic Mont St Michel, a true wonder of the west & now a world heritage site and the most visited tourist site in France


The site of the D-Day landings, known as the the "Côte de Nacre", is an area steeped in military history. Code named Sword, Juno & Gold for the British forces, Omaha and Utah for the US, these beaches have become some of the most popular holiday beaches of the region. Arromanches has an impressive 360 degree cinema with original footage, Caen has the magnificent Peace Memorial and the many cemeteries, museums and memorials in the area offer a lasting reminder of the events of June 1944.

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