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French Alps Properties of the Week

  • €475,000

    latest addition in La Cote d'Aime Savoie


  • €199,500

    latest addition in Montalbert, La Plagne Savoie


  • €259,000

    latest addition in Bourg St Maurice Savoie


  • €650,000

    latest addition in Les Houches Haute_Savoie

    Haute Savoie

  • €2,294,250

    latest addition in Chamonix Haute_Savoie

    Haute Savoie

  • €1,200,000

    latest addition in Chamonix Haute_Savoie

    Haute Savoie

  • €275,000

    latest addition in Les Gets Haute_Savoie

    Haute Savoie

  • €319,000

    latest addition in Morzine Haute_Savoie

    Haute Savoie

  • €1,716,000

    latest addition in Morzine Haute_Savoie

    Haute Savoie

  • €1,250,000

    latest addition in LA CLUSAZ Haute_Savoie

    Haute Savoie

  • €1,770,000

    latest addition in Manigod/La Clusaz Haute_Savoie

    Haute Savoie

  • €2,912,000

    latest addition in Thônes Haute_Savoie

    Haute Savoie

  • €2,000,000

    latest addition in Meribel Savoie


  • €328,000

    latest addition in Meribel Savoie


  • €570,000

    latest addition in Meribel Village Savoie


  • €450,500

    latest addition in Les Deux Alpes Isere


  • €1,275,000

    latest addition in Alpe D'Huez Isere


  • €362,250

    latest addition in Vaujany Isere


  • €1,196,000

    latest addition in St. Genis Pouilly Ain


  • €657,000

    latest addition in St. Genis Pouilly Ain


  • €760,000

    latest addition in Sauverny Ain


  • €475,000

    latest addition in Saint Pierre de Chartreuse Isere


  • €465,000

    latest addition in Saint Pierre d'Allevard Isere


  • €5,000,000

    latest addition in TRESSERVE Savoie


  • €565,000

    latest addition in CHAMPAGNY EN VANOISE/Paradiski Savoie


  • €299,000

    latest addition in Bozel Savoie


  • €2,050,000

    latest addition in La Tania, Three Valleys Savoie


  • €390,000

    latest addition in  Haute_Savoie

    Haute Savoie

  • €475,753

    latest addition in Flaine Haute_Savoie

    Haute Savoie

  • €200,000

    latest addition in Saint Gervais  Haute_Savoie

    Haute Savoie

  • €240,000

    latest addition in Saint Gervais les Bains Haute_Savoie

    Haute Savoie

  • €525,000

    latest addition in Saint Gervais les Bains Haute_Savoie

    Haute Savoie

  • €4,250,000

    latest addition in Saint Martin de Belleville Savoie


  • €3,200,000

    latest addition in Saint Martin de Belleville Savoie


  • €695,000

    latest addition in  Savoie


  • €579,000

    latest addition in La Thuile, Ste Foy Tarentaise Savoie


  • €1,995,000

    latest addition in Ste Foy Tarentaise Savoie


  • €1,650,000

    latest addition in Ste Foy Tarentaise Savoie


  • €476,000

    latest addition in  Savoie


  • €110,000

    latest addition in Doucy Combelouvière Savoie


  • €867,000

    latest addition in  Savoie


  • €85,000

    latest addition in St Martin de Belleville. Villages Savoie


  • €1,975,000

    latest addition in St Martin de Belleville Savoie


  • €288,750

    latest addition in Le Bourg d'Oisans 38520 Isere


  • €495,000

    latest addition in Alpe d'Huez Isere


  • €6,800,000

    latest addition in TIGNES Savoie


  • €508,800

    latest addition in Les Deserts Savoie


  • €371,000

    latest addition in Le Pommarey Haut Savoie


  • €288,000

    latest addition in La Feclaz Savoie


  • €1,567,500

    latest addition in Feigeres Haute_Savoie

    Haute Savoie

  • €1,134,000

    latest addition in Messery Haute_Savoie

    Haute Savoie

  • €742,000

    latest addition in  Haute_Savoie

    Haute Savoie

  • €490,000

    latest addition in St Marcel l'éclairé Rhone


  • €1,490,000

    latest addition in Panossas Isere


  • €930,000

    latest addition in 10mn from Lyon Ain


  • €1,249,000

    latest addition in CHARLY Rhone


  • €530,000

    latest addition in LYON Rhone


  • €560,000

    latest addition in 69700  Rhone


  • €175,500

    latest addition in Landry, Bourg St Maurice. Savoie


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  • Heather Byrne - Three Valleys: St Martin de Belleville and surrounding villages
  • David Cowx - Paradiski: La Plagne. Ste Foy
  • David Lucas - Chamonix Mont Blanc. Les Houches
  • Nicky Wye - Portes du Soleil: Morzine, St Jean d’Aulpes
  • Annabel Andrewes - Three Valleys: Courchevel, La Tania
  • Stephanie Donoghue - Lac d’Annecy, La Clusaz
  • Helena Tkach – Lac Leman
  • Theo Cafferman - Three Valleys: Meribel, Les Allues
  • Jackson Collins – Serre Chevalier and Briancon, Alpe d'Huez
  • Lenka Koutnakova – Pays de Gex, Geneva
  • Thierry Barry - Lac du Bourget - Aix-les-Bains
  • Michele Jones – Three valleys ; Courchevel, Bozel, Brides les Bains & surrounding villages
  • Simon Airey – Grand Massif ; Samoëns, Sixt Fer à Cheval, Morillon, Verchaix, Taninges, Chatillon, Les Carroz, Flaine
  • Andrew Morgan – St Gervais ; Les Contamines
  • Emma Horsfall – Vallée des Belleville, Saint Martin de Belleville, Les Menuires, Val Thorens
  • Ben Farley – Ste Foy Tarentaise ; Tignes - Val d'Isère
  • Lucy Pilcher – Les Gets and Morzine
  • Steve Pangli – Three Valleys ; St Martin de Belleville

Latest Articles from our dedicated French Alps blog

Critérium de Dauphine comes to Saint Gervais

by Tamsin Beaube on Mon 15 Jun 15

Andrew Morgan, our star agent in Saint Gervais took this winning shot of Chris Froome seconds before the finish line in Bettex, Saint Gervais les Bains. Well done Andrew and well done Chris Froome! :

Chris Froome & banner
“Chris Froome leading the way, ahead of his rival to win the penultimate stage of the Criterium de Dauphine here is St Gervais on Saturday , before doing it again yesterday to be crowned overall race winner in Val Frejus !”

007 takes his favourite method of transport to the top of Mont Jovet

by Tamsin Beaube on Fri 12 Dec 14

Last month, Yann, our secret agent of the Alps team in the 3 Valleys, took his bike “up the hill” before changing to skis for the season….

Yanns bike

And here was the reward at the top:

Views over Mont Blanc, the Vanoise, the Cervin, the Ecrins.

La fête du lac

by Tamsin Beaube on Mon 28 Jul 14

Fete du lac

The summer has arrived! Daytimes spent hiking and biking in the mountains, followed by a swim in the local pristine lakes, then BBQ filled evenings with a bottle of rosé and sunset lit Mont Blanc. Does summer get better than this?

Yes it does! All through summer are various events, one of which many of the lakes host a “Fête du Lac”.  Beginning with activities, displays, concerts, food and drink, then the main event, a spectacular firework display where mountains echo whistles and explosions and lakes reflect illuminations.

For a more pampered experience, you can pre-book a dinner cruise on the main lakes where the biggest fêtes take place: Lac Leman (Geneva), Lac Annecy or Lac du Bourget (Aix les Bains):

Better still, you can have your very own private viewing spot – in one of these divine lake view properties for sale:

Lake Geneva:


Lake Annecy:


Lake Bourget:


Here are the dates for just some of the main Fetes du Lacs throughout the Alps. Get in touch with your local agent to find out where your nearest lake is – they will most likely be heading to at least one festival themselves! :

 31st July

Le Bouveret (Lac Leman/Lake Geneva)

 1st August

Lausanne (Lac Leman/Lake Geneva)

 2nd August

Geneva, Annecy, Montriond, Les Gets, Combloux, Amphion les Bains

 9th August


 12th August    


 14th August

Aix les Bains

 15th August

Excenevex, Les Gets, Evian, Rumilly, Les Contamines Montjoie

16th August

Thonon les Bains

 22nd August

Aix les Bains

Summer 2014

by Tamsin Beaube on Mon 26 May 14

Another fun fueled and prosperous winter season has flown by. Within the property market, the demand is up and prices are at their lowest since 2008 proving a great time to buy.

With snow melting in the approaching summer heat, the Alps dramatically change into a completely different world.

Buyers who are seeking all-season properties come to experience what this beautiful haven has to offer, whether it’s for the chilled out atmosphere at the lakes and beaches, the family friendly activities, or the more challenging adrenalin filled sports…


One sport in particular simply replaces skis for bikes! The resorts lifts re-open and become the transport link to 100’s of kms of biking terrain.

Here is an insight, put together by a specialist guide and friend of the Alps team in the Belleville Valley (Val Thorens, Saint Martin de Belleville and Les Menuires):

If you think that’s hairy, then get over to Alpe d’Huez to see the MEGA AVALANCHE event – the biggest open downhill bike race in the world:

Road biking is also very popular in the Alps with the challenging ascents and descents and dramatic backdrops. There are numerous races through the summer and of course the Tour de France. This year it will be passing through Jackson Collins’ home turf, les Hautes Alpes. Starting in Grenoble passing Bourg d’Oisans, La Grave, into Briancon les Hautes Alpes, then over the  Col d’Izoard, ending in Risoul.

Here are just some of the biking events to look out for this summer:

  • 27-29 June – Passport du Soleil: Day MTB Tour of France/Switzerland
  • 6 July – Three Valleys: Mountain Biking open to all
  • 17-20 July in Les Menuires : French MTB Championships
  • 3 August – La Bourgui: Road Biking Race
  • 21-24 August – Meribel : World MTB Championships
  • 7-13 July – Alpe d’Huez: Mega Avalanche
  • 19th July – Grenoble-Risoul : Tour de France

The countdown is over and the winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi, Russia has begun!

by Tamsin Beaube on Sat 08 Feb 14


Here is a list of contenders our Leggett Ski Agents in the Alps will be rooting for:

1.     Alpine Skiing

19 x FR:

  • Adeline Baud, 21 from Evian les Bains (Joined Les Gets ski club age 5): Slalom, Giant Slalom, Combined
  • Johann Clarey, 33 from Annecy (began Tignes age 5): Downhill, Super G,
  • Thomas Fanara, 32 from Annecy: Giant Slalom,
  • Guillermo Fayed, 28 from Chamonix: SuperG, Downhill
  • Jean Baptiste Grange, 29 from St Jean de Maurienne (began in Valloire): Slalom
  • Julien Lizeroux, 34 from Moutiers (Joined ski club La Plagne aged 7): Slalom Super combined
  • Anemone Marmottan, 25 from Bourg St Maurice: Giant Slalom
  • Thomas Mermillod Blondin, 30 from Annecy (Joined the Grand Bornand Ski Club age 3): Super Combined, Super G, Giant Slalom
  • Steve Missillier 29 from Annecy (began to ski in Grand Bornand): Giant Slalom, Slalom
  • Alexis Penturault 22 from Moutiers (Joined ski club Courchevel – parents owned Hotel Annapurna): Slalom, Giant slalom, Super G, Super combined
  • David Poisson 31 from Annecy: Downhill Super G
  • Cyprien Richard 34 from Thonon les bains (races for Morzine-Avoriaz): Giant Slalom
  • Brice Roger 23 from Bourg St Maurice (La Plagne ski club): Downhill, Super G

 2 x GB:

  • Chemmy Alcott 31 from London (learnt to ski age 1, 1st race age 3 in Flaine, has a 38 centimetre rod holding the bones together inside her leg!): Super combined, downhill
  • David Ryding 27 from Chorley (flying down the slopes in Samoens age 8): Slalom/giant slalom


2.     Freestyle skiing

21 x FR:

  • Antoine Adelisse 17 from Nantes/La Plagne: Ski slopestyle
  • Anthony Benna 26 from Cluses/Megeve : Moguls
  • Marielle Berger-Sabbatel 24 from Bourg St Maurice : Ski Cross
  • Xavier Bertoni 25 from Annemasse : Ski Halfpipe
  • Jules Bonnaire 22 frmo Moutiers/Bourg St Maurice : Ski slopestyle
  • Arnaud Bovolenta 25 from Areche Beaufort/Albertville: Ski Cross
  • Anais Caradeux 23 from Aix les Bains : Ski Halfpipe
  • Benjamin Cavet 20 from Maidstone/ La Cote d’Abroz (moved to France age 10, took French residency as unable to secure funding from UK :  Moguls
  • Jean Frederic-Chapuis 24 from Bourg St Maurice/Val Thorens: Ski Cross
  • Gilbaut Colas 30 from Echirolles/La Tronche : Moguls
  • Jonas Devouassoux 24 from Chamonix: Ski Cross
  • Marie Martinod 29 from Bourg St Maurice/Aime: Ski Halfpipe
  • Jonathan Midol 26 from Le Grand Bornand: Ski Cross
  • Jeremy Pancras 22 from Annecy/Meythet: Ski Slopestyle
  • Kevin Rolland 24 from Bourg St Maurice/Aime: Ski Halfpipe
  • Benoit Valentin 21 from Aime/La Plagne : Ski Halfpipe

6 X GB


3.     Snowboard

13 x FR

  • Deborah Anthonioz 35 from Thonon les Bains/Les Gets-Avoriaz: Snowboard cross
  • Johann Baisamy 24 from Evian Les Bains/Neuvecelle/Avoriaz: Halfpipe
  • Charlotte Bankes 18 from Hemel Hempstead/Argentiere La Bessee: Snowboard Cross
  • Arthur Longo 25 from La Tronches/Les 2 Alpes : Halfpipe
  • Nelly Moenne Loccoz 23 from Annecy: Snowboard Cross
  • Tony Ramoin 25 from Cannes/Aix les Bains: Snowboard cross
  • Mirabelle Thovex 22 from Auray/La Clusaz: Halfpipe
  • Chloe Trespuech 19 from Bourg St Maurice: Snowboard Cross
  • Pierre Vaultier 26 from Briancon/Saint Chaffrey: Snowboard Cross

7 x GB

  • Jenny Jones 33 from Bristol/Chalet Hosted in Tignes: Slopestyle
  • Billy Morgan 24 Southampton/ 3 seasons in Morzine: Slopestyle


4.     Cross Country skiing

15 x FR

  • Aurelie Dabudyk 25 from Bonneville (First ski in La Roche sur Foron)
  • Cyril Gaillard 28 from Grenoble (Team Grenoble-Isere)
  • Jean-Marc Gaillard 33 from Annemasse/Mont Blanc (1st Ski rando Chapelle Rambaud)
  • Baptiste Gros 23 from Annecy
  • Jay Renaud 22 from Moutiers ( joined club in Les Menuires age 10)
  • Aurore Jean 28 from Besancon
  • Maurice Mannificat 27 from Sallanches/Mont Blanc
  • Ivan Perrillat Boiteux 28 from Annecy

4 x GB


5.     Biathlon

12 x FR

  • Alexis Boeuf 27 from Chambery (Ski de Fond age 11, Club Grand Revard)
  • Marine Bolliet 26 from Chambery (Biathlon club Feclaz, Grand Revard)

 2 x GB


 6.     Bobsleigh

10 x GB (3 x mens, 1 x ladies)

8 x FR (3 x mens)

  • Loic Costerg 26 from Moutiers (Club Macot La Plagne)
  • Florent Ribet 24 Grenoble (Club Macot Plagne)


 7.     Curling

10 x GB


 8.     Figure skating

9 x FR (5 x mens, 4 x ladies)

6 x GB (3 x mens, 3 x ladies)


9.     Short track (speed skating)

4 x FR (3 x mens, 1 x ladies)

  • Maxime Chataignier 25 from Besancon :  1000m, 5000m relay

5 x GB


10.  Ski jumping

4 x FR

  • Lea Lemare 17 from Albertville
  • Coline Mattell 18 from Sallanches – Ski Club Contamines Montjoie


 11.  Nordic combined

5 x FR


 12.  Skeleton

4 x GB (2 x mens, 2 x ladies)


13.  Speed skating

3 x FR (mens)


 14.  Luge

1 x FR ladies


15.  Ice hockey


Rumour has it….

by Tamsin Beaube on Fri 29 Nov 13

Alpe d'Huez

There will be a “super” lift linking the two resorts of Alp d’Huez with les 2 Alpes! There has been speculation of this project for years but our sources reveal that the project is to go ahead in 2018.

The link will be between the top of Signal de l’homme in the Auris sector of Alpe d’Huez and Le Cret in les Deux Alpes. The estimated transit time 17 minutes.

If the link goes ahead, here is how the area will sit among the 10 largest linked areas in Europe:

  1. 3 Valleys (France): 600kms
  2. Les Portes du Soleil (France/Swizterland): 650kms
  3. Les Deux Alpes/Alpe d’Huez (France): 474kms
  4. Paradiski (France): 425kms
  5. 4 Valleys (Switzerland): 412kms
  6. Milky Way (France/Italy): 400kms
  7. Matterhorn (Switzerland): 360kms
  8. Evasion Mont Blanc (France): 445kms
  9. Espace Killy (France): 300kms
  10. Grand Massif (France): 265kms

With property prices here remaining modest compared to other large resorts, perhaps now is the time to be looking to invest!

To see properties for sale in Les Deux Alpes and Alpe d’Huez, please visit:

Lac du Bourget, Aix-les-Bains and Chambery attracting buyers

by silang on Wed 30 Oct 13

Lac du Bourget’s neighbour, the renowned lac d’Annecy with its beautiful city located on one end of the second largest lakes in France is chic, expensive and bustling with energy and fun –  and has long attracted foreign property buyers.

However, if you want a more relaxed, green experience then the larger Lac du Bourget is a great option. The nearby city of Chambery is both historic and beautiful, while Aix-les-Bains offers splendid mountain views, lakeside beaches, thermal baths and a relaxed and very French atmosphere.


Many British and foreign buyer are showing interest in Lac du Bourget, already very popular with the French, and it looks set to be one of the next major areas for property price growth in Savoie and indeed the Rhône Alpes.  Thierry Barry our agent based in Aix les Bain has some fantastic properties for sale in Aix-les-Bains  and around the lac.



Seeking some adrenalin fuelled activity this summer? Look no further, the first Bungee Jumping base in Haute Savoie has arrived!

by Tamsin Beaube on Mon 08 Jul 13

An exhilarating 65m plunge off the new bridge in St Gervais les Bains (between Chamonix and Megeve), over the the Gorges and river du Bonnant.

The base opened to public on the 22nd June and is open every day through the summer and weekends outside of season. A standard jump costs €80.

For more information, prices and reservations you can visit this site:

(English version not yet available)

Bungee blog

Tour des Anges Charity Walk

by Tamsin Beaube on Tue 25 Jun 13

Our very own agent, Sophie Justice from Les Portes du Soleil region of the Alps team, has just completed the “Tour des Anges” Charity Walk for Lavender Trust Breast Cancer association.

The event saw a group of intrepid local women hike over a total distance distance of 52km, climbing more than 4250m, covering the French and Swiss Alps in 4 days.

During the walk, they had a lucky escape, when a violent storm with hail stones the size of golf balls hit nearby!

All back in 1 piece, they managed to raise a total of €10,000 for the charity.

Hats off to the girls and well done Sophie!

Tour des Anges


Montreux Jazz Festival, 5th-20th July 2013

by Tamsin Beaube on Tue 07 May 13

Mont Jazz Fest

Heading over the border into Switzerland, on Lake Geneva (known locally as Lac Leman) is the picturesque Alpine Riviera town of Montreux.

For two weeks every July, Montreux hosts the second largest worldwide Jazz Festival with not just Jazz but a variety of Live Music from headline bands to the lesser known acts. Since it was founded by Claude Nobs in 1967, it has drawn in the crowds and is increasingly popular every year.

There are 3 venues where entry tickets are required to see the main acts but there are heaps of other free concerts, bands and artists playing in the parks and along the lake to enjoy throughout the day and evening.

This year, some of the lead acts are Prince, Leonard Cohen and Marcus Miller. A few acts aren’t confirmed until 2 weeks before, so it is worth checking the full listing on the festival’s website in June.

Aside from the music, there are food and drink stalls catering for every taste from fresh Thai curry to Movenpick Ice Cream. If you are bringing young kids, there are a couple of playgrounds to keep them at bay whilst you’re wetting the palette and enjoying the music, or there’s even a kindergarten leaving you childfree so you can head off to a concert.

To get full information on the Festival, here is the official website:

Did you know… Montreux is where Deep Purple got the inspiration for their song, “Smoke on the Water” when Montreux Casino burnt down in 1971

Where we are

The French Alps is a diverse area featuring historic cities to vast mountain ranges, the largest lakes in France and the most famous ski resorts in the world. In describing this area the superlatives simply do not do justice as it is a place of such immense beauty that words fail.

Due to its popularity, getting here is easy with the international airports of Geneva, Lyon, Grenoble and Chambery, the TGV Eurostar stops and excellent motorway links make travel very straight forward.

This amazing place is where our dedicated team of agents live and work offering local knowledge and a diverse range of properties to match the landscape. Our portfolio includes the ski areas, Three Valleys, Chamonix Mont Blanc, Paradiski, Portes du Soleil, Les Aravis, Serre Chevalier and many of the surrounding resorts, villages and areas.


When you think of the French Alps, you would be forgiven for thinking "SKI" with its vast choice of resorts including the inter-linked ski domains of the Portes du Soleil, Espace Killy, Chamonix and Les 3 Vallees but there is so much more. We have soaring mountain ranges, lush valleys, rushing water, still lakes and farmland plains.

We also have great weather to top it off, and the four seasons are very clearly defined. Undoubtedly this is a stunning region all year round. Whether you're a walker, mountaineer, biker, climber, artist, golfer, horse rider, gourmet, this is a great environment to rest, play and work.

Our Area - French Alps

Amidst the historic cities to the highest mountain in Europe and the largest lakes in France, is where our dedicated team of agents live and work. Offering local knowledge and a portfolio of properties in Savoie 73, Haute-Savoie 74, Hautes-Alpes 05 and Isere 38.

The French Alps is home to three vast national parks and stunning lakes, 15 nature reserves encompassing sparkling rivers, wide valley plains and white capped mountains. Aside from the incredible flora and fauna, the French Alps feature the attractive, ancient cities of Lyon, Chambery, Annecy and Grenoble to name but a few, all with fascinating histories. Lyon, famous for being the gastronomic capital of France featuring 20 Michelin star restaurants. (There are 75 in total in the region!) Surrounding Geneva, on the Swiss border, is the 'commuter belt' of this world famous center for commerce.

This is area is affluent, beautiful and diverse - a great location for commerce and year round tourism.


Lac d'Annecy, Lac du Bourget and Lac Leman (Lake Geneva) are three of the largest and most famous lakes in Europe. Ideal in all seasons with their picturesque settings, Savoyard villages, medieval towns, ancient castles, colourful outdoor markets, beaches and pristine waters, local foods and wines, and easy access to the ski slopes.

A host of activities are on offer from wakeboarding, windsurfing, sailing & diving in the water, to golf, cycling, tennis, hiking and climbing on the ground, to parapenting and hang-gliding in the air.

With their amazing sites to explore and the mountains nearby the Lakes are wonderful places to spend your time out and better still, to live.

How we can help you

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Ski chalets and apartments for sale in French Alps

We live in the French Alps - we have insider knowledge and are passionate about our location and the work that we do. We provide an effective, time saving, professional and honest service to find the property that will work for you. We understand the specific issues relating to a property purchase in our areas and have a wealth of knowledge and bank of experts to ensure you purchase the property of your dreams. We get results.

We have an incredible range of properties for sale in our portfolio including . . .
  • ski hideaway
  • lakeside retreat
  • commercial
  • luxury ski chalet
  • valley haven not too far from the slopes
  • hidden farm not far from the lakes
  • and homes within an hour from Geneva

If you can’t find what you’re looking for then give us a call with your requirements and we’ll go out and find it for you. The Alps team look forward to working with you.

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