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Our team in the Auvergne are all bilingual and we know the area and local property market intimately. We cover all four departments and have a growing portfolio of property for sale.

We also have a central support team to ensure that your house search passes smoothly and successfully. This team is headed by our Chief Executive, Trevor Leggett - one of the most experienced and respected property experts in France. It includes lawyers, accountants, marketing experts and a call centre team who will arrange a viewing schedule to make the most of your visit.

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Latest Articles from our dedicated Auvergne blog

AUVERGNE – Excellent travel links to/from the Auvergne …

by Jane Berry on Mon 26 Dec 16


Since 1 January 2016, the Auvergne is part of the new region Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes and comprises of four departments: Allier, Puy-de-Dôme, Cantal and Haute-Loire.

There are excellent travel links to the Auvergne by air, to the Aéroport de Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne, located 6.5km east of the city. It is operated by Ryanair and flies to Stansted.

By Ferry, Brittany Ferries operates from:

– Portsmouth to Caen-Ouistreham, Cherbourg, Le Havre and St Malo
– Poole to Cherbourg
– Plymouth to Roscoff
– Cork to Roscoff

Meanwhile, Condor Ferries operate a weekly ferry service from Portsmouth to Cherbourg, from late May to early September, and Catamaran services from Poole and Weymouth to Saint Malo via the Channel Islands. P&O operates from Dover to Calais.

If you’re travelling to Auvergne by car, then here is an indicaion of  distances using motorways (with tolls) and/or dual-carriage ways from:

– Calais to Clermont-Ferrand (709km)

– Caen-Ouistreham to Clermont-Ferrand (607km)

– Cherbourg to Clermont-Ferrand (716km)

– Le Havre to Clermont-Ferrand (604km)

– Roscoff to Clermont-Ferrand (799km)

– Saint-Malo to Clermont-Ferrand (656km)

Bringing the car through the Eurotunnel, from Folkestone to Calais takes 35 minutes.

Eurostar links London St Pancras to Paris – Gare du Nord in 2h20 or 2h30, with an average of 15 trains per weekday; gates close 40mn prior to departure.

One arrival in Paris, you can connect onto a TGV (SNCF) train from Gare de Paris-Bercy to your destination in Auvergne.

AUVERGNE – Have you taken the Auvergne cheese Road?!

by Jane Berry on Sat 17 Sep 16


Bienvenue sur “la Route des ‘Fromage de l’Auvergne’ of course the Auvergne is world famous for the wonderful range of cheeses that it produces, from the cows, sheep and goats that graze the fresh, lush, vulcanic grass in this central region of France. There are 40 stops along the route where you can meet the farmers, the cheese producers and their dairies. The outstanding gastronomy of this beautiful region, along with its natural sites and heritage, make it worthy of a special trip.

Leggett have a wonderful selection of properties in this area, take a look here

THE AUVERGNE and its Romanesque architecture …

by Jane Berry on Sat 30 Apr 16


The Auvergne is one of the main centres for French Romanesque art because of the development of the monastic orders.

Only five major churches remain today: the Notre-Dame-du-Port basilica in Clermont-Ferrand, the St-Austremoine d’Issoire church, the Notre-Dame de Saint-Saturnin church, the St-Nectaire church, the Notre-Dame d’Orcival basilica.

The Church of Notre-Dame-du-Port  is a beautiful example of the unique Auvergne Romanesque style. The west facade is extremely plain, as with all churches in the region, and is topped with an incongruous tower from the 19th century. The main exterior interest of the Notre-Dame-du-Port is at the east end, which has been lavished with architectural and artistic beauty, see above. Here the square shoulders of the short transept make a strong contrast with the soft curving lines of the apse and four chapels radiating from the ambulatory.

Leggett have a number of lovely properties for sale in the area, take a look here …

AUVERGNE – Have you ever tried skiing down the side of a volcano?! …

by Jane Berry on Sat 12 Dec 15

Skiing in Auvergne

There are definitely no nightclubs to be found here and nothing much in the way of an apres-ski scene either!, but if it’s quiet natural beauty and quirky winter sports you’re looking for, the Auvergne is unrivalled!  This volcanic region in the centre of France, is little more than a couple of hundred kilometres from the world famous, chic resorts of the Alps, but when you’re standing on the top of a dormant volcano – the Alps feel a million miles away. Here, there are no luxury chalets or vast hotel complexes  to be seen and yet,  the Auvergne remains one of France’s best kept secret winter-holiday destinations, offering a wide variety of ‘different’ winter sports.

You won’t have to queue to take the gondolas up the piste in the Auvergne and you’ll find that a ski pass will be considerably cheaper here than in the Alps. When winter comes, the dramatic landscapes become transformed into a skiers paradise, covered in drifts of snow, perfect for exploring the region on cross-country skis or with snowshoes. The Auvergne region has excellent TGV fast trains to Paris from Clermont-Ferrand, so this is the perfect ‘long weekend’ location during the winter months and an ideal holiday home setting with all year round interest.

Leggett have a number of beautiful properties for sale in this tranquil region, which are very reasonably priced. There has never been a better time to be buying in the Auvergne, with the continued, highly favourable exchange rates and the record low interest rates on loans and mortgages. View the properties that Leggett have for sale in the region currently.  Did you know we were awarded ‘Best Estate Agency in France 2015″ for the third year running?! We look forward to talking to you further on +33 (0)5 53 56 62 54.

AUVERGNE – a land of rivers, mountains and medieval cities filled with art …

by Jane Berry on Sat 10 Oct 15


This beautiful property currently on the market with Leggett has been reduced to €731,400 FAI – a classic Napoleon III home, with its own gatehouse, large barn, and lake sitting in a small estate of 10 hectares with meadow and woodlands.

Situated just outside Cosne d’Allier, a town containing all the amenities you need, in a department called Allier, named after the River Allier.. 36km away is the Medieval City of Montluçon, Moulins, the city of art and history is 43km away both with train stations. The closest airport is Clermont Ferrand at 104km away.

This region has been marked by the imprint of the Dukes of Bourbon; Allier is a land of rivers and small mountains. Landscapes such as Bourbonnais bocage, the gorges of the Sioule, and the Forest of Tronçais are perfect for enjoying outdoor activities: hiking, fishing, and white water sports. Hydrotherapy is one of the leading sectors of Bourbonnais tourism with the international spa at Vichy.

This beautiful area also features a multitude of castles (over 500), Romanesque churches and beautiful houses much of which is the heritage of the Bourbons. Bourbon cuisine reflects the history of the province and provides quality products: Pâté aux pommes de terre, Charolais beef, wines from Saint-Pourçain AOC, Charroux mustard, and Vichy pastilles.

Discover this and other properties currently for sale in the region, here …

AUVERGNE – Puy-de-Dome with its ancient volcanoes …

by Jane Berry on Sun 23 Aug 15


Pouring down from the Monts Dore, the river Sioule, which runs wild and free through the Chouvigny gorges, is an altogether different waterway when it reaches Ebreuil, before continuing on its way to Saint-Pourçain-sur-Sioule and the Allier. As it passes through the neighbouring villages, it reveals to us a peaceful and happy tourist region with colourful markets and something to see and do all year round.The Puy-de-Dome department is in south-central France, in the Auvergne region and in the heart of the Massif Central. Puy-de-Dome is a region rich in variety. The department offers a vast wonderland for open-air sports enthusiasts providing a welcome break for the family at any time of year with sports including cycling, skiing, horseback riding, paragliding, canoeing-kayaking, swimming, hot air balloon flights, or simply a chance to enjoy strolling and visiting the bric-a-brac markets or the beautiful towns and villages of the region.

The natural spirit of the Auvergne is preserved in two of France’s largest regional nature parks: the Volcans (Volcanoes) Park and the Livradois-Forez Park. The best known destination as you head west into the Parc des Volcans d’Auvergne is Puy-de-Dome itself, the volcano that gave the department its name.


This is the highlight for visitors, with spectacular views stretching as far as the eye can see along the Chaine des Puys range of volcanoes that traverse the region. It is one of the most challenging climbs of the Tour de France, and you can walk or drive the spiral route to the top to be rewarded with incredible views of 70 peaks and 11 departments In the south of the department are the Monts Dore, a much older range of mountains, which include the highest peak of the Auvergne, Puy de Sancy. In winter there is skiing, both cross-country and downhill and dog sledding. Ballooning offers an even more dramatic way of seeing this impressive landscape.

Although less visited than the famous volcanoes to the west, the less mountainous eastern region of Puy-de-Dome, in and around the Parc du Livradois-Forez also has a great deal of attractive scenery, typically forested hills and open fields and moorland.

Clermont-Ferrand, the capital of the region, lies at its heart. It is an industry town, dominated by the huge Michelin factory and is also famed for its mineral water, and several well-known types of mineral water, notably Volvic. The Basilica of Notre-Dame-du-Port is one of the finest
Romanesque churches in Auvergne. The second is the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de l’Assomption, a Gothic building of black Volvic stone with stained glass windows and twin spires which soar above the town. Clermont-Ferrand’s most famous public square is the place de Jaude. Monuments, statues and major department stores adorn and liven up the town square. South of Clermont-Ferrand is Super-Besse, one of the best resorts for skiing, located on the southern slope of the Sancy and caters for any skiers at an altitude of between 1300 and 1850m. It is a resort where you can ski right up to your front door. Whether on an activity holiday or a break with your family, Super-Besse has something for everyone, catering for both fans of skiing and those of alternative ‘sliding sports’.

Canoeing and kayaking down the Gorges de la Sioule will thrill you and you will be filled with awe by the breathtaking sceneries.

AUVERGNE – Peaceful Gorges de la Sioule …

by Jane Berry on Sun 23 Aug 15

The ‘Gorges de la Sioule’ area is as pure and peaceful as the meanders of the river which winds its way across this leafy green countryside, or the forests, the traditional towns and villages in which festivals, exhibitions and other activities lend it added rhythm. A stay here is something precious, a memory you will cherish forever.

Pouring down from the Monts Dore, the river Sioule, which runs wild and free through the Chouvigny gorges, is an altogether different waterway when it reaches Ebreuil, before continuing on its way to Saint-Pourçain-sur-Sioule and the Allier. As it passes through the neighbouring villages, it reveals to us a peaceful and happy tourist region with colourful markets and something to see and do all year round.

Canoeing and kayaking down the Gorges de la Sioule will thrill you and you will be filled with awe by the breathtaking sceneries.

AUVERGNE – France’s best-kept skiing secret …

by Jane Berry on Sun 09 Aug 15

leggett blog1

The volcanic Auvergne region, in the centre of France, is a couple of hundred miles from the glamorous resorts of the Alps, but it actually feels a million miles away. It is without the luxury chalets or hotels, nor a single fashionable après-ski bar or club. But the Auvergne is one of France’s secret winter holiday destinations, offering a variety of quirky winter sports.

In marked contrast to the Alps, the queues to take the ‘téléphérique’ up to the Auvergne’s pistes are minimal, while a day’s ski pass costs between €20 and €25. Charming bed and breakfasts are springing up – a double room costing not much more than €60.

The Auvergne is a national park of 80 craters and glacial lakes. Beautiful in summer, the dramatic landscape becomes nature’s gift to skiers when it is covered in snow. It’s ideal for exploring on cross-country skis or snowshoes. There are more than enough slopes to keep downhill skiers happy. And two of the Auvergne’s main resorts are on a railway line that links to Clermont-Ferrand for fast TGV connections to Paris, so the area is handy for carbon-conscious travellers arriving by Eurostar.

Originally built on the site of ancient Roman baths, the spa town of Le Mont-Dore is one of the oldest ski resorts in France, sitting at the foot of the 1,886m Puy de Sancy.

The Four Departments in Auvergne.

The Auvergne is one of the least populated regions in Europe and is made up of four departments:

Named after the picturesque river Allier the department is famous for hosting the town of Vichy which was home to the Government of Philippe Pétain during the second world war. In more recent times Vichy has a more positive reputation and is famous for its water which is exported around the world.

No less than six rivers run through the department (including the Loire and the Cher) so lovers of waterside property have plenty of options. The principal cities are Montlucon, Vichy and Moulins and Allier is the most productive agricultural area in the Auvergne.

Puy de Dome
This department is named after the famous (but thankfully dormant) volcano and boasts eighty volcanic craters that attract tourists from around the world. The main city of Clermont Ferrand is the capital of the Auvergne region and one of the oldest cities in France. It is home to Michelin and many other international companies and is the driving force of the Auvergne economy. The volcano's and general attractive countryside of Puy de Dome lends itself to tourism and a recent survey showed that over 10% of the houses in the department are holiday homes.

Cantal is named after the mountain range that dominates the landscape. The extinct volcanic peaks give a dramatic effect and the department in sparsely populated and geographically isolated - perfect for those wanting to leave the hustle & bustle of urban living behind. Cantal varies in altitude from 250m in the villages along the valley of the river Lot to 1855m at the peak of the mountains - this difference in altitude also gives quite dramatic differences in rainfall and temperature so it's always best to seek local guidance when looking at property.

Haute Loire
The Haute Loire covers the upper reaches of the famous river Loire. The department hosts some the Parc Naturel Régional Livradois-Forez which is a protected area of woodland and farmland covering 297,000 hectares in total. The Prefecture of the Haute Loire is in Le Puy en Velay which is famous for its stunning 12th century cathedral.

Are prices here the best value for money in France?

The Auvergne can boast some of the lowest and best value property prices in France with the average house in the region costing just €127,000.

The Notaires de France website recently gave the following departmental average house price indicators:

Allier - has an average price of just €100,000 across the department with a premium being paid in and around Vichy. Prices here rose by 1% in 2010/11.
Cantal - is the second cheapest department and has an average house price of €126,300 with a big premium being paid around Aurillac and extremely low prices in all other areas. Prices in Cantal rose by 5.7% in 2010/11.
Haute Loire - has an average price of €132,300 with the highest prices being found in the sector of Yssingeaux. Prices in Haute Loire rose by 4.5% in 2010/11.
Puys de Dome - has the highest average property prices in the region thanks to the proximity of Clermont Ferrand. The departmental average is €147,000 but this rises to €170,000 in the sector around teh capital city. Prices in the department rose by 4.5% in 2010/11.

Mountain biking trails to sailing and climbing

The Auvergne is the ideal destination for those looking to pursue outdoor activities. We should probably begin this review in the Puy de Dome at the Vulcania theme park. The park explores volcanoes and the creation of the planet in a fun and educational way. Part amusement park, part museum, part cinema this park has something for everyone and will be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Once you have finished in the park (allow a day at least) why not take to the surrounding hills and mountains for walking and biking and explore the volcanic terrain at first hand.

Going from high to low how about exploring the river valley on the "Train Touristique des Gorges de l'Allier". This train ventures where no roads dare to go and winds its way along the twists and turns of the river Allier.

If visiting cathedrals and churches is of interest then you will have plenty to choose from in Auvergne. The Chapelle St. Michel d'Aiguilhe in Le Puy en Velay is the number one destination on Tripadvisor and is a tiny cthedral sat on the top of a tall but thin lava plume. The stairs to the top of the cathedral are steep and narrow but it's worth the exertion and the view is exquisite. How about also visiting the stunning Romanesque abbey Saint-Austremoine in Issoire or the Basilique Saint Julien de Brioude in Brioude.

There is a super theme park and zoo in Dompierre sur Besbre where elephants and lions can watch you ride the rollercoasters and look on enviously while you eat lunch! Le Pal sits on 35 hectares and boasts over 500 animals from 5 continents.

There are fifteen different golf courses in Auvergne to choose from. These include the 18 hole course near Vichy which was designed by Arnaud Massy and is one of the oldest in France, the Haute Auvergne course near Aurillac which has plenty of water and views over the nearby volcanoes, the golf du Chambon sur Lignon in Haute Loire and finally the executive course at Riom which also boasts a 50 bay driving range.

There are, of course, plenty of lakes and rivers for those who like messing around on water. The Auvergne nautic club offers canoes, wind surfing, catamarans and much more and is one of many such clubs in the region.

Locally grown products to make your mouth water.

Although cheese isn't "grown" we couldn't start this section with anything else. Cheese lovers will delight in the variety and taste on offer in the Auvergne. How about the 2,000 year old Cantal which was "the most appreciated in ancient Rome", or the world famous blue veined Bleu D'Auvergne or even the Saint Nectaire which has a smooth and consistent texture that makes it so popular in salads as well as at the end of a meal.

Les Lentilles du Puy have been cultivated for over 2000 years in the region of Le Puy en Velay. These "green lentils" are still produced using no chemical fertilizers and are often used in local cooking. Another local favourite is the classic potée auvergnate which is a typical country dish containing locally reared bacon, sausage and pork combined with cabbages, potatoes and white beans.

Auvergne is also famous for its cured hams. Auvergne ham is usually seasoned with dry salt and dried over a long period (always at altitude). The "saucisson sec" and "saucisse sèche" also gain their unique flavour after extensive drying and curing. Made with veal and mutton, "tripoux" are often dished up with a local broth of jelly and seasoning. "Tripoux farcis" are distinguished from "tripoux roulés" by their winter busting stuffing of ham and smoked bacon.

Wine lovers will be well advised to taste Saint Pourçain and also the Côtes d’Auvergne, with their five 5 varieties: Châteaugay, Chanturgue, Pinot, Boudes and Madargue.

Local liquors and aperitifs are produced from the abundance of wild plants and herbs you find in the Auvergne such as the gentian, a large yellow flower growing up in the high pastures.

How we can help you

Click Here to Ask Our Team a Question We are here to help. Contact us now.

Buying a house in Auvergne could prove the most rewarding and enjoyable investment you ever make – but a different language, laws and buying process can be quite daunting. We have been helping clients through this process for two decades now and have an unrivalled reputation for friendliness and quality of service. All of our agents are bilingual and live in one of the four beautiful departments within the region. They will help you find the most suitable property and will even help sort out your broadband and all utilities. On top of this our central sales support team will guide you through all the documentation and legal process.

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